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cindy mctee

for solo violin

6 minutes

score & audio examples



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program notes

Capriccio per Krzysztof Penderecki was written in 1993 for Krzysztof Penderecki in celebration of his inspired music, his dedicated teaching, and his 60th birthday. German violinist, Christiane Edinger, gave the work it’s première in Krakow, Poland in January of 1994.
The work was subsequently edited and performed by Phil Lewis, and in 2008, revised in honor of Penderecki’s 75th birthday with the assistance of Gary Levinson. The revision was premièred by Mr. Levinson in early 2009.
Capriccio may be heard as a character sketch, mixing spirited determination with humor and playfulness, aspects of Penderecki's personality I most admire. I chose to write for violin because the instrument is one of Mr. Penderecki's favorites and because he himself was a violinist. Also, I gave the work a title similar to the first Penderecki piece I studied years ago, a composition for solo cello entitled, Capriccio per Siegfried Palm.

– CM