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cindy mctee

for horn and piano

8 minutes

score & audio examples

first mvmt.
second mvmt.
third mvmt.

commercial recording


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program notes

Movement I, The Beginning of Time, is a 12-tone canon which, through the employment of non-retrogradable rhythms, projects an "image" of Olivier Messiaen's Quartet for the End of Time.

Movement II, The Unanswered Question, is a musical dialog utilizing the pitches of the doubly diminished (octatonic) scale and including melodic "images" of Charles Ives' The Unanswered Question.

Movement III, Infinite Night, uses the 12-tone row of Movement I, and projects an "image" of earlier McTee work through the simultaneous presentation of periodic and aperiodic rhythms.

Movement IV, Circles, uses pitch material similar to that of Movement II and is indeterminate with respect to form, requiring the performers to play various short motifs according to a set of instructions. The circular "images" are achieved through repetition of previously heard material.

Movement V, The End of Time, is identical, in most respects, to Movement I.


. . . clever in concept and very useful to include in a horn recital.

The Horn Call