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cindy mctee

for flute and computer music on CD

7 minutes

Partial funding provided by the University of North Texas.

score, video, & audio examples

  mp4 video of entire work  

Video © 2008 Run N Gun Media Productions. All Rights Reserved.
Jason Gutierrez,producer


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Ms. Music
© 2008 Elle Schuster . ElleStudio.com . 214 526 6712

program notes
by the composer

Bricolage for flute and computer music was commissioned by flutist, Mary Karen Clardy. The first performance took place on August 9, 2008 at the National Flute Association Convention in Kansas City, MO.

In Bricolage, lyrical 12-tone melodies and explosive “air” sounds in the flute are accompanied by both percussive and sustained pre-recorded sonorities derived entirely from prepared piano samples.

The emotional content of this work is conveyed by the oppositions inherent in the materials themselves: some are resonant, unfocused, and dark, while others are dry, defined, and bright. Extraverted, athletic ribbons of notes that bounce and soar converse with those whose message is contemplative and dreamlike.

Bricolage reflects my lifelong interest in musical surrealism where the musical unconscious asserts itself through improvisation during the compositional process, and disparate (sometimes borrowed) elements are freely transformed and juxtaposed. The visual art of Elle Schuster parallels my own work in these ways, as exemplified in her imaginative collage entitled, Ms. Music.

by the artist

A cousin to bricolage, this collage is assembled of various photographic and painted images to form a metaphorical scene in the cubist style showing several points of view at once, a poeticized hyper-reality or, surrealism.

The motion implied in this repetition is much like Duchamps, Nude Descending a Staircase illustrating the movement inherent in the dance of music. The flute pierces the heart as in love much like music directly effects our emotions bypassing logic or rational thought.

performance notes

Bricolage does not require timing devices or headphones. All of the cues are communicated by the pre-recorded music itself.

The flute should be given some “gentle” electronic amplification.

A CD is included with the score: Track 1 is for use in performance. Tracks 2-10 are for rehearsal purposes and correspond to similarly marked places in the score. Track 11 provides a "demo" version of the entire work including both the computer music and a “virtual” (approximate) version of the flute part.