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cindy mctee

for wind symphony

5 minutes

Dedicated to Eugene Corporon


Original version for brass ensemble and percussion commissioned by the
Brass and Percussion Ensemble
of the
National Orchestra of Lyon




Flutes 1-2
Oboes 1-2
English Horn
Clarinets in Bb 1-3
Bass Clarinet
Eb Contra-alto Clarinet (optional)
Saxophones SATB
Bassoons 1-2
2 Horns (may be doubled)
Trumpet 1-4 in C
Euphonium 1-2
Tenor Trombones 1-2
Bass Trombone
Double Bass (optional)
Percussion 1-4

Percussion 1

Percussion 2
Small Tom-Tom or
Renaissance Drum

Percussion 3
Snare Drum

Percussion 4
Chimes/Tubular Bells
(extended range)



score & audio examples

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program notes

Originally commissioned by the Brass and Percussion Ensemble of the National Orchestra of Lyon, Notezart for wind symphony is dedicated to Eugene Corporon - friend, conductor, and devoted champion of new music.

I very much enjoy finding a way to make various kinds of music live together. So in this piece, you will hear 12-tone passages along with quartal/quintal and triadic harmony. To create unity, I use a steady pulse throughout and a strong reliance on the interval of the perfect 4th which opens the third movement from Mozart’s Eine Kleine Nachtmusik - inspiration for Notezart. My “stolen” music (the work’s centerpiece) is cast in a quasi-Renaissance style - with the exception of the the duet between trumpet and trombone, more in keeping with an 18th-century variation.